Tips for Planting Fall Bulbs

Now is the perfect time to plant spring bulbs. Benjamin Carroll, Chicago Botanic Garden Senior Horticulturist, shares tips on how to correctly plant bulbs to ensure beautiful springtime blooms.


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One Response to “Tips for Planting Fall Bulbs”

  1. Kristie Purdy

    Selling family home & want to take some of the bulbs in the garden with me. I also want to mail some to my sister in CA (from IL). Could you please tell me how I should do this. Do they have to be wrapped a certain way or kept at temperature??? Needing to know this in next day if possible. Sorry, had much trouble finding link to your site from WGN. Bulbs wanting to take are lily of the valley, tulip, and peinea bush(sp). The lily of the valley is bulbs I need to mail to CA.
    Much Thanks!
    K. Purdy

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